Succeeding in India Nuclear Energy Market

Succeeding in India Nuclear Energy Market

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India operates 18 reactors that use heavy-water technology and plans to build eight new PHWRs as part of its $40 billion nuclear energy expansion until 2017.

As Prime Minister Stephen Harper noted during his 2012 visit to India ‘opportunities for Canadian companies exist in all key sub-sectors of the nuclear ecosystem. Exports could range from engineering services, design and construction of plants and subsystems, balance of plant, uranium supply, mining, to safety assessments and licensing’. Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh mentioned nuclear collaboration when he visited Ottawa in 2010. India’s continuing resolve to expand nuclear energy production is virtually unparalleled in the free world.

Yet it takes expertise, insight and patience to succeed in India’s nuclear energy market. While huge opportunities exist, there are also many blind alleys in the pursuit of business in that country.

Leveraging seasoned experts, this webinar will inform and educate you to the current reality of business opportunities and challenges in India’s nuclear energy sector. Offered as a no-charge benefit to OCI members the webinar will include a live question and answer period where the international experts from Amritt will address your top-of-mind issues and worries about how to profit from India.

Bios of Webinar Leaders:

Gunjan Bagla is author of the top-rated title “Doing Business in 21st Century India.” On behalf of his clients, Bagla travelled to India’s atomic energy utility as part of nuclear energy trade missions; he was also selected to President Obama’s Executive Mission to India and appeared on BBC TV and Bloomberg Television during that period. He is founder and Managing Director of Amritt, Inc, which is the India Country Liaison for the Nuclear Infrastructure Council. Amritt’s clients include companies across many sectors with combined India revenues in the tens of billions of dollars. Mr. Bagla’s public writings on the nuclear opportunity in India have appeared in Business Week magazine and in Nuclear Engineering International.

Dinesh Lal spent over 20 years in management at Larsen & Toubro, which also happens to be India’s top supplier to the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. He is a mechanical engineering graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has visited numerous reactor sites in India wit Amritt clients in addition ongoing face-to-face interactions with NPCIL executive management at Mumbai headquarters.


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