Why Amritt

Why you should trust Amritt with your India Initiatives

1.    Senior executives at respected Western companies have trusted Amritt for India business advice since 2004.

  • Several companies have used Amritt’s guidance for years on a retainer basis.
  • We come through for our clients every time.

2.    Our team is smart about both Western and India culture, no one knows India better than us. Here’s why:

  • Our book “Doing Business in 21st Century India” is 5-star rated on Amazon
  • NY Times, LA Times, Forbes, Aviation Week, Financial Times, BBC, Business Week have quoted us on India.
  • Caltech asked us to create and run their India Business workshop.
  • Our professional and social networks connect us with senior corporate, non-profit and government leaders and organizations across India.
  • We help you navigate India’s business and government landscape.

3.    Our seasoned consultants are based in both America and India:

  • We have operating experience; we don’t put inexperienced young MBAs in front of you.
  • We are nimble and agile, and will respond quickly; giant firms can take months to mobilize their teams.
  • Our principals work hands-on, unlike partners at the giant firms.

4.    We work as one integrated global team:

  • Unlike giant consulting firms with separate country-based Practices that may not align with your global needs.

5.    We are an independent consultancy and we work only for you, the Western company:

  • We are not beholden to a supplier, parent or government.

6.    We are a  U.S.-based entity, subject to American ethics, practices and laws.


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