Nuclear Energy

Western companies in the nuclear energy sector have new opportunities to win significant business in India as the country opens up for atomic energy commerce. India’s nuclear energy production is scheduled to increase from 4.9 gigawatts to 30 gigawatts over the next few years. Its current fleet of 21 reactors can also benefit from technological advances of the last few decades, when India was denied participation in global commerce.

Amritt, Inc. has specific knowledge and experience in the Indian marketplace, business environment, and political landscape to help your company explore and leverage these exciting opportunities. We are the official India Country Liaison for the U.S Nuclear Infrastructure Council and our Managing Director was their feature India speaker at the Special Summit in June 2012

Our go-to-market service can help you develop and execute your roadmap to open or expand your presence in India. We are deeply familiar with the nuclear utility in India and we understand the political imperatives driving India’s leaders and decision makers.

We can help you every step of the way, from studying feasibility, to choosing locations and Indian executives, to avoiding cultural gaffes. We perform frequent and lengthy due diligence trips to India to keep our “feet on the street” and to ensure a well-grounded connection between western companies and their Indian operations.

Our team in India is seasoned and bi-culturally smart. They have visited numerous atomic power stations in remote locations across the country and personally know the leadership and decision making processes.

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