Training and Education

Step one to improve your experience working with India
See what Amritt’s one-day course offers you

Is your organization currently –

  • Working with India, but not achieving anticipated results
  • Planning to engage in India to grow your international business
  • Researching outsourcing or offshoring a portion of your work processes
  • Having difficulty navigating the financial, legal and accounting environment of your partners in India

If so, our training sessions can help you become immediately more successful working with and within India.

Our instructors have first hand experience in dealing with Indian executives as well as working for Fortune 500 U.S. corporations. They hold degrees from top U.S. institutions including Yale and MIT.

We all know India is a fast growing economy, which many companies have leveraged to improve their bottom-line.  However, many organizations are not aware of numerous simple steps that can be taken to avoid risks and ensure greater success in their efforts to gain advantage working with India.Resolve significant concerns in a confidential environment.

This training is based on knowledge derived from years of international business communication and facilitating India initiatives for Western companies. 

The latest book by Amritt’s Managing Director “Doing Business in 21st Century India”, has been utilized by many well-known corporate executives as a tool in developing their India strategy. 

Key Issues

In the very first day of training, we empower you to –

  • Increase business opportunities by learning how to scan for important trends in Indian society
  • Increase your effectiveness in communicating with multi-cultural and virtual work teams
  • Improve business relationships and communications through a better understanding of how Indian organizations are managed
  • Reduce costs and risk by identifying Indian regulations that will affect how you do business
  • Avoid the common mistakes Western firms make in India
  • Manage risks by learning how to evaluate them and the rewards of doing business in India

Training sessions can be customized to impact the specific needs of your organization to best achieve optimum training results for your business. Our training spans the following key topics.

  • Selling and marketing in India
  • Creating your supply chain in India
  • Successfully working with business and virtual teams in India
  • Navigating the financial, legal and accounting environment
  • Human Resources issues to consider when doing business in India
  • Ensuring productive business trips to India
  • India’s business culture in transition

Best of all, this training can be held at the location of your choice and up to 20 members of your staff can attend each session you schedule.

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