India Business Consulting

India Business Consulting: When a North American company does business with organizations from India or China, its managers must quickly become adept at many new skills such as

  • cross-cultural communications
  • dealing with colleagues who are 8-12 time zones away
  • business practices that may seem odd to American but are routine in Asia
  • concerns about complying with American laws and international practices
  • distributed product development, distributed marketing, customer service
  • unique aspects of marketing, distribution, sales and credit assessment
  • sourcing or outsourcing products and services from unfamiliar locations
  • travel or relocation to a seemingly alien society.

Amritt experts offer guidance these area as well as in the business of selling to and buying from Asian cultures.

This guidance can take the form of our executive course offered at Caltech, the California Institute of Technology.  (Caltech is ranked as a Top 7 university worldwide.) Amritt also offers customized in-company classes that can include specific material relevant to your business or industry as it relates on Asia. In addition we take on specific consulting engagements to coach, guide and train our clients, their distribution partners overseas and their overseas vendors on how to prevent and overcome the unique challenges of doing business between North America and India or China.

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