Video Games

Top publishers, including Midway and Vivendi, and dozens of independent developers of console, online, PC, handheld and mobile games depend on Amritt’s advice to practice safe outsourcing and offshoring. Recognized as the video game industry’s leading advisory service, Amritt’s professionals travel frequently to China, India, and other low-cost destinations on behalf of their clients.

We advise on outsourcing or offshoring of testingartprogramming and design. While the rewards of using global resources are large, so are the pitfalls; worries include security, communication, quality, delivery, and timeliness. Our expertise smooths out cultural and communications issues. Whether you use China, India, Eastern Europe, or another locale, we make the production pipeline more efficient.

Video Game ArtVideo Game Art

  • Concept Art
  • Characters design
  • Models
  • Textures
  • Particle effects
  • Pixel graphics
  • Cinematics
  • Rigging
  • Animation
  • Simulations
  • Virtual walk-throughs.
  • 2D and 3D skills
  • Software supported includes 3D Studio Max, Maya, Photoshop and XSI Softimage.

Game Testing & QAVideo Game Testing

  • PC, Online / MMORG
  • PlayStation 3 and 2
  • Sony PSP
  • Wii and GameCube
  • DS
  • Alpha, Beta, compability, standards and functionality testing are available.
  • Project based testing for peak loads is one way to utilize offshore teams.
  • Review, due diligence of your current vendors.
  • Learn about major India business news
  • Stay ahead on emerging economy trends
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