• Global Marketing Strategy
    As Chief Marketing Officers and VP's of Global Sales seek new revenues, the $1.8 trillion economy of India is compelling. Half its 1.2 billion population is under 25 years; its middle class is spiraling due to demographics compounded by income growth.
  • Global Product Innovation Strategy
    Revenue from newer products is a competitive differentiator of the value of the technology team at your company. Smart CTO's and VP's of Engineering leverage global product development, global engineering, and R&D talent from India.
  • Global Scouting and Technology
    Amritt’s global scouting for technology is a search, analysis, and filtration process that enables our Western client to efficiently find and acquire new technologies, products, ingredients and intellectual property from emerging country economies such as China and India.
  • Global Sourcing & Procurement
    Concerned about over dependence on China sourcing, with its rising currency rates, labor unrest, bad publicity and strategic worries, many Western executives turn to India. Does "China Plus One" makes sense in your global supply chain? Amritt advice can help.
  • Training & Education
    Step one to improve your experience working with India. See what Amritt's one-day course offers you. Is your organization currently - Working with India, but not achieving anticipated results, Planning to engage in India to grow your international business.
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