USDA Identifies India Export Potential for Tree Nuts, Fruits, Breakfast Cereals, Confectionery, Processed Foods

USDA Identifies India Export Potential for Tree Nuts, Fruits, Breakfast Cereals, Confectionery, Processed Foods

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s GAIN Report 0f July 13, 2022, says that India’s food retail sector has rebounded from the COVID19 pandemic and is expected to expand significantly in the next decade thanks to rising incomes, urbanization, and a shift in consumption habits, fueling demand for healthy, premium food products.

The Indian food retail market is the third largest in the world and is the largest segment of the country’s retail sector at 66 per cent. The market is valued at $570 billion and industry sources expect its sales to surpass $850 billion by 2025.

While traditional retailers continue to dominate the market, the country’s rapidly expanding ecommerce sector is distinguishing itself by offering high value imported food products and
innovative services/convenience.
Opportunities for U.S. exporters exist in consumer-oriented products, especially tree nuts, fruits, breakfast cereals, confectionery, and processed foods.

Private labeling has emerged a valuable tool for modern retailers to highlight high value, imported food products to a mass audience at reasonable prices. Local processors, who import in large bulk quantities, are benefiting from this development as are the main manufacturers of these products. The growth of digital payments in modern and traditional retail outlets has facilitated loyalty/discount programs.


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