Stanadyne to Set Up Center of Excellence in India

Stanadyne to Set Up Center of Excellence in India

Based in Windsor, Connecticut, Stanadyne LLC is setting up a Center of Excellence for engineering at India’s southern city of Chennai where its first plant is located.

“We are in the process of shifting all diesel-related engineering activities to India from U.S.A., so the American center will only concentrate on advanced engineering for petrol fuel injection systems. The India center will design and undertake development in diesel,” said Sanjay Chadda managing director of the company’s Indian subsidiary.

Stanadyne’s Sanjay Chadda, Managing Director (left) and Dr. John Pinson, President & CTO (right) revealed two new products – the Gasoline Pumping Injector (GPI) and Solenoid Controlled Unit Pump (SCUP) at the 2018 Auto Expo Components Show in New Delhi February 8th – 11th
Sanjay Chadda, managing director (left) and John Pinson, president & CTO (right) at 2018 Auto Expo Components Show in New Delhi.

Stanadyne India is moving towards electronic fuel injection systems to meet the new BS-VI emission norms that will be adopted in April 2020. “We will start with supplies to India and then export to the rest of South East Asia where there is a cumulative annual market of 40 million bikes integrated to electronic fuel injected systems. Part of these systems will be made in India at the company’s existing Chennai plant,” said Dr. John Pinson, president and CTO of Stanadyne LLC.

Currently, the company exports 56 percent of its products to U.S.A., Europe and Turkey.


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