Medical Device Certification Provider expands in India

Medical Device Certification Provider expands in India

CSA India  enables manufacturers to export medical devices to North America and Europe. Now with  growth of domestic medical devices and the increasing interest of global manufacturers to enter India, its  new 23,000 square foot laboratory located in Bangalore will  provide  testing and certification for medical and healthcare,  and industrial control products to ensure  safety, quality and high performance. The India lab will be manned by 50 personnel who are engineers and post graduates in science. The CSA Group plans to expand its team to 1,000 experts over time.

A unit of the Canadian Standards Association, the company says  it  is among the top 10 testing and certification organizations globally and in India it is the third largest testing, inspection and certification provider.

“The company has seen its India entry as most appropriate going by the large presence of medical device companies seeking compliance from global regulators. It makes more business sense to set base in India at a time when the market is brimming with positive growth prospects. Therefore,  we see India as a market with long-term growth potential”, said Ash Sahl, president, & chief executive officer, CSA Group.

“Our lab in India is envisaged to give a fillip to medical device compliance as a one-stop location for global regulatory adherences, components acceptability, compliance mechanism and safety.  Further, with faster turnaround, manufacturers would be able to considerably reduce the time-to market, said Saibal l Mukhopadhaya, country manager, CSA Group.


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