Healthcare in India is focus of new VC fund

Healthcare in India is focus of new VC fund

Blue chip Silicon Valley venture fund Sequoia Capital has had a presence on the ground in India for over a decade. Now it  has announced a new $530 million fund which whose focus will include healthcare in India. To make this possible, Sequoia Capital India Advisors has assembled an internal team of 10 executives to help founders of portfolio companies with support in the legal, finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, business development and engineering divisions. Sequoia Capital is invested in more than 75 companies including Just Dial, handset maker Micromax Informatics Ltd, and Vasan Eye Care Ltd.

Within healthcare, the firm invests across diagnostic services, genetics services, lab services, patient services, product development services, and enabling technology companies.  While Sequoia is best know for technology successes such as Apple, Cisco, Google, What’s App and Yahoo, the fund has had a deep interest in healthcare and sees India as a new frontier for healthcare related startups.  It’s current  healthcare investments include Health Catalyst,  a tech platform that organizes and links health-related data from different systems and Natera which develops tests ranging from pre-implantation genetic diagnosis for IVF to advances in the field of non-invasive prenatal testing

“The two trends that we have been seeing is that mobile Internet is growing, and Indian start-ups are increasingly becoming global. We want to tap both these opportunities,” said Shailendra Singh, managing director Sequoia Capital. The fund’s India offices are located in Bangalore.


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