Make in U.S. and Make in India: A Win-Win Situation?

Make in U.S. and Make in India: A Win-Win Situation?

According to India’s Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra, President Obama has tried to create a “win-win situation”. Mahindra says that both “Make in U.S.” and “Make in India” are not conflicting slogans, but in reality are win-win situations, reports  Business Today magazine.

American companies can benefit by supplying technology, and Indian companies win by gaining the technology. If both sides become an integral part of each other’s supply chains, both win again, Mahindra added. “As long as trade between the two countries improves, even if they are making in America, and if Indian companies are getting a chance to export components in America and sub-assemblies to them, we gain.” Likewise, Americans gain when India grows at 8% and there are opportunities for U.S. companies to become a part of the supply chain to India.

Anand Mahindra
Anand Mahindra, CEO, Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra said that the world today is a global supply chain: “What looks like Make in India cannot help but involve ‘make in somewhere else’ for the people who supply here. So the question is make what, where? You cannot have 100% made in one location. In certain sectors it may make sense in Make in India approach and in others it may make more sense for Make in America.”



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