Innovative Device from India – Adam Tablet PC

Innovative Device from India – Adam Tablet PC

10 inch tablet PC, Adam, designed in India
10 inch tablet PC, Adam, designed in India

A tablet device named Adam, designed by Notion Ink a startup, located in Hyderabad India, is capturing a tremendous amount of buzz in the lead up to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week. Based on Google’s Android operating system. Nvidia’s new Tegra chipset and the Pixel Qi new low-power display, the 10 inch touch screen computer has already been featured on Cnet, TechCrunch, Geek and a number of techie enthusiast sites which alert visitors to CES about new and exciting products.

For designing the device, the company collaborated with Bangalore-based National Institute of Design. The designers wanted to adopt an operating system which would make the device ‘talk’ to any other device so they chose Google’s Android platform. But India didn’t  have many people working on Android and Notion Ink trained 46 students from the Hyderabad-based information technology institute called “BVR IT”. All 46 kids are now working full time employees of Notion Ink.

Notion Ink has filed two patents — one for the design and the other for technology — in India, Taiwan and China. It expects to file a total of 67 patents, for user interface, hardware changes and software optimization.

Adam will likely be manufactured by a Taiwanese OEM and sold via telecom operators in the US and India for a retail price of about $320. Shipments are expected in June, 2010. The founders of Notion Ink are six graduates of the Indian Insitutes of Technology and one MBA from the Indian Institute of Management.


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