India Business Guide

India Business Guide

For western companies look to shore up profitability, reduce costs or increase revenues, India today offers unparalleled opportunity. A trillion-dollar economy, India is unique among the so-called BRIC countries to have a robust democracy (since 1947) and a vibrant, transparent stock market (since 1875). A top 20 trading partner to the United States, India has a western friendly ecosystem.

But daunting challenges and extreme contrasts plague the country. In 2008, India had four of the world’s ten richest people but two third’s of its population survives on less than $2 per day. The management of many of its companies is world class but less 10 million people work are employed by all these companies put together. Outside of the government, most Indians work for small or informal companies. Graduates of the Indian Institutes of Management and Indian Institutes of Technology are in demand all over the world. But the average university graduate needs a year or more of training before he or she is ready to work for a western company.

To succeed in India, you must have the vision to look beyond the obvious and visible challenges of heat, dust, humidity, poor infrastructure and intense activity. Once you do, you may find that the enthusiasm of its entrepreneurs and executives and the depth and width of its opportunities are invigorating for your career and your organization’s future.

We hope that our Doing Business in India Guide will help answer some of the routine questions we get asked. Please Contact Us if you need more in-depth assistance when looking to do business with India. We’ll be glad to help.

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