Whirlpool India's Ace Washer wins Edison Social Impact Award

Whirlpool India's Ace Washer wins Edison Social Impact Award

The Ace semi-automatic clothes washer designed in India won an Edison Award for innovation this year.

Whirlpool Ace 2012 Edison Award winner
Whirlpool India Ace Washing Machine

Designed for tight spaces in Indian homes, it is fitted with big wheels so that the consumer  can easily move the machine around making it more robust and stable. A handle makes it possible for a homemaker move the machine around without any help. The top of the machine can be used as a work surface for sorting, treating and folding.

Indians have long believed that hand washing is more thorough than machines, and Whirlpool India patented a technology that replicates the classic 1-2,1-2 handwash movement in the agitator design.

Electric supply in India is often unreliable so an auto-restart  feature ensures that the machine starts the wash process from the same point where it was before a power cut.

Whirlpool Ace is a unique line of semi-automatic clothes washers sold in India. Design was a key element of this product’s delivery, according to Hari Nair, industrial design director, Whirlpool Corporation. “Whirlpool Ace has smooth edges and a curved body that provides easy access. The unique top surface enables the consumer to sort, stack and carry dry clothes, redefining the usage experience of the washing machine. It also comes with a unique handle and large wheels for easy mobility.”


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