US-India sign agreements on Energy, Health and Weather

US-India sign agreements on Energy, Health and Weather

While President Obama visits India, a series of mid-range co-operative arrangements were initiated.

1) India-US agreement to set up a joint Clean Energy Research and Development Center. It will be backed by $50 million by both sides over five years and work to complete joint research in solar, biofuels and energy efficiency.

2) A Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership. US will cooperate in India’s plans for a nuclear centre, to promote nuclear security and address threats of nuclear terrorism. To be based in Bahadurgarh, Haryana,  Memorandum of Understanding for co-operation in building the Center was signed by Dr. Srikumar Banerjee,  Secretary,  Department of Atomic Energy and Timothy Roemer, the US Ambassador to India. It will consist of four schools dealing with Advanced Nuclear Energy System Studies, Nuclear Security, Radiation Safety and application of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology in areas of healthcare, agriculture and food.

3)  Establish an India-US Energy Cooperation Program. It will mobilize private sector expertise and resources to address clean energy-related issues both countries.

4) Agreement on technical cooperation to study India’s annual monsoon rains. Cooperation on weather forecasting for India’s crucial annual monsoon.

5)  India and the US will cooperate  on shale gas resources which will see US technology used to assess shale gas resources in India.

6) MOU on establishing and operating a Global Disease Detection Center in India, which will set up a laboratory in New Delhi designed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


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