Terumo India Signs Commercial Partnership with Israel’s Sensible Medical

Terumo India Signs Commercial Partnership with Israel’s Sensible Medical

Terumo India, subsidiary of Japan’s  Terumo Corporation announced a partnership with Sensible Medical Innovations, an Israeli firm dealing in medical radar monitoring and imaging technology for exclusive distribution rights for ReDS Pro™ and knowledge-sharing of ReDS™ technology in India.
ReDS™ technology originated from a defense technology that allows the military to see through walls and find survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings. Sensible Medical adapted this technology for medical use by creating a system to see through the ‘walls’ of the chest and inside the lungs of patients with coronary heart failure.
ReDS™ Pro is a non-invasive method that takes  45 seconds t0 measure the absolute lung fluid volume in cardiac patients. Assessment with this device can be done at the hospital, the clinic, or even in at a patient’s home, and is proven to be as accurate as that measured by a CT scan. Periodic monitoring through ReDS™ Pro and titration of medicines in heart failure patients can potentially reduce hospitalization rates by 30%, according to the company.

ReDS™ PRO Courtesy: Sensible Medical Innovations

Shishir Agarwal, managing director of Terumo India, said, “We are delighted to introduce ReDS™ Pro, which represents the gold standard for monitoring and managing heart failure patients, to Indian healthcare. We look forward to working with Sensible Medical in bringing the ReDS™ Pro device to every hospital in India to support them in managing their patients more effectively.”

Commenting on the development, Amir Ronen, Sensible Medical’s CEO said, “There is a severe need for a reliable tool to assess and monitor pulmonary congestion, which is paramount to guide heart failure treatment. We are excited to work together with Terumo India in this new long-term partnership, to make ReDS™ Pro available in India and improve patient care.”


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