Shell to Deploy Over 10, 000 EV Chargers Across Indi

Shell to Deploy Over 10, 000 EV Chargers Across Indi

London, U.K. headquartered multinational oil and gas company Shell plc launched its first electric vehicle (EV) chargers for the four- and two-wheeler segments in the city of Bangalore.

India is the first market for Shell to launch chargers for two-wheelers. The company plans to set up more than 10,000 charging points across the country by 2030.

Sanjay Varkey, director, Shell Mobility India, said, “We are excited to contribute to the electrification of mobility in India by rolling out the Shell recharge network.” The power on the Shell Recharge chargers is 100% green energy[1] 

Customers will be able to operate these chargers through the ‘Shell Recharge India App’, available on Android and iOS operating systems. The app allows users to locate the nearest available charger, pick a charging method — by unit, time, or percentage — and make payments. Additionally, customers can also view their charging status in real-time.

The company will provide customized charging solutions at on-the-go locations such as Shell fuel stations, standalone EV hubs, home charging and destination locations. For on-the-go and standalone EV hubs, the company will deploy 100 KW and above direct-current fast chargers.

In the first phase of its launch, the company plans to set up charging stations across Bangalore and other locations in the state of Karnataka. Subsequently it will expand its EV charging infrastructure to the states of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, Assam, and Andhra Pradesh.

[1] ( The company says that all electricity Shell purchases to supply at the Shell Recharge sites, is matched with equivalent amount of units of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from 100% renewable sources.)


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