Managing R&D in India

Managing R&D in India

One of my initiatives at this time is to point out the value, for Western companies, to embrace global innovation models. Technology now permits global R&D. The emerging companies have both the talent and the markets. Western companies who are slothful will miss a wonderful opportunity to leapfrog their abilities.

There is considerable skepticism about whether innovative products and technologies can emerge from India and China. But as we watch the Big Three automotive giants in Detroit falter and flounder, I must remind you that there was considerable skepticism in the 1970s whether Toyota and Honda could make a world-class car. And in the 1990s I heard the derisive term “code-monkeys” used to describe the armies of programmers enlisted to fix the Y2K bug and write the early dot com boom websites.

If you look closely there is much opportunity to leverage India and China for open innovation and for R&D. I recently gave a webinar hosted by one of the world’s leading research universities, Caltech, on this very subject.

Here is an excerpt from an attendee who is a regular blogger..

1) I always gather useful information and insight from Bagla’s presentations and appreciate his reflective approach to topics. This is a topic of particular interest for my research, and I am glad to have access to Bagla as a resource.

You can read the entire post at this link.  Do you want to listen to the webinar? You will need to visit my company’s  research and development and open innovation website and scroll to the bottom of the page for a link.


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