Promoting American Sports in India

Promoting American Sports in India

When it is about popular sports played in India, the country there is almost only one game that matters in India, cricket. But when it comes to watching games on TV, other kind of sport becomes popular such as football, basketball, tennis, cycling or golf.

According to Chitra Johri, Vice President or Bradford license India, “the Indian youth finds it more edgy to get associated with these games through merchandise as it gives them an attitude value”.

Akash Jain, Sr. Director Business development & Partnerships, National Basketball Association India, says“going beyond the traditional offerings of jerseys, t-shirts and hats allow fans to display their support for our teams in their homes, at work or school, and in their everyday life with casual wear.

When promoting in India, the brands need to make sure to adapt to the region they are in, with a different strategy to engage the audience well. Here is what WWE does: they offer very high collectability and that works wonders for promotions. In India specifically, they are currently running a cross-category retail promotion with Landmark, and on the FMCG front they have recently partnered with Parle (clothing company) for a promotion involving WWE Slam Attax trading cards by Topps. Moreover, they also bring down WWE Superstars every year to India and that lends them a great opportunity for promoting WWE using talent that features weekly in programming.”


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