PC Manufacturer Dell targets Smartphone Users in India

PC Manufacturer Dell targets Smartphone Users in India

As  mobile handset sales in India accelerated, there was one outcome to be expected- a race to see which mobile companies would enter the market with their latest offerings. In an Asia-wide survey carried out by Synovate on consumer behavior, it was found that Indians are the most ‘social’, of all in the group surveyed, not hesitating to use their cell phones while eating or partying. (In my experience, Indians will also use their phones during movies and funerals!).  The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has estimated  700 million cellular phone users in 2010 (Some phones are shares among families, so this number is higher than the number of current subscriptions)

So, it’s no wonder that Dell has set its sight firmly on the Indian market. On 3rd Feb 2011, they released two smart phones, the Android powered Dell Venue and the first Microsoft Windows  7 powered phone for Dell, The Venue Pro.

The former has a stylish, one touch interface with a 800 x 480 pixel resolution. It runs on Android 2.2 and has a 1GB internal memory and a 16 FB microSD card included. It also supports business users with WiFi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The Venue Pro has a sliding interface for input  and a more hefty price tag of Rs 34,990 (US$ 771). It also has a 1GB flash Rom and a 16GB stored memory card. Currently it is also offered as a bundle package with the Microsoft video game console the Xbox Pro, for the Indian techie who must have everything.

While there may be some concern that Android phones are outsmarting most other options, Dell is confident that the Venue Pro will be much in demand in the Asian market. Both phones also have what is growing to be an increasingly popular requirement in all cellular phones- a high megapixel camera and a richer media setup to store music and photos. They also come with Dell’s Proprietary UI called Dell Stage,  first shown the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month.   In the Indian market, these phones will be competing against Motorola’s Atrix and Droid models and Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10.

While the company has a long history in India’s personal computer market, it entered mobile telephony  just months ago in  November 2010, with their XCD28 and XCD35 handsets, followed by the Dell Streak. Bolstered by their success, they are planning to launch a 3G network over the next few weeks.


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