Modi’s Visit to Canada Focuses on Trade, Investments, and Nuclear Ecosystems

Modi’s Visit to Canada Focuses on Trade, Investments, and Nuclear Ecosystems

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will arrived  in Canada on Tuesday April 14 for a three-day tour of the country. He is the first Indian prime minister in more than 40 years to conduct a bilateral visit to Canada. He is scheduled to meet with political officials, business and financial leaders, and other institutional investors.

In an interview with Economic Times, Nadir Patel the Canadian High Commissioner to India said, “A range of areas will be covered, spanning clean and renewable energy, hydrocarbon supplies, agri products, science and technology, skills and education.

“Investments in India’s infrastructure sector will be among the priorities. Canada Pension Plan, which has already established its presence in India, could increase the size of its investments. Pension is long-term investments that can fund infrastructure projects in India.

“New areas will also be explored and among those is defense cooperation. The two sides could join hands in joint research and co-development in defense equipment. Defense technology and electronics would be areas where Canada is keen to collaborate with India.”

Patel went on to say that there was a strong likelihood that a deal to supply uranium to India would be signed during this visit, “but we are looking at a bigger scope of nuclear partnership. Canada has a lot to offer in nuclear ecosystem including expertise in nuclear waste management and reactor technology.”


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