India’s Tamil Nadu Leads in Shipping of Electronic Goods

India’s Tamil Nadu Leads in Shipping of Electronic Goods

India has seen significant growth in recent years in the export of electronic goods manufactured in the country.

The data on the export of goods is maintained by India’s National Import Export Record for the Yearly Analysis of Trade, under the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Trade and Industry.

According to data from this source, India exported $15.48 billion in electronics from April to October 2023. Notably, 31% of these exports valued at $4.78bn, originated from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, the country’s second largest state economy.

With six months left, the state is expected to surpass last year’s record and may reach $8 billion in electronics exports this fiscal year. Per Tamil Nadu’s Minister for Industries, the state’s strategic policies, skilled workers, infrastructure, and governance have powered this growth.

In January 2024, Tamil Nadu will host a Global Investors Meet aimed at attracting high-tech industries that can generate large-scale employment. The core themes are building a resilient economy and pursuing sustainable, inclusive development.

Already known as the “Detroit of India” for autos and EVs, Tamil Nadu also produces Apple iPhones and other brand-name electronics thanks to contract manufacturers. Continued growth in electronics exports will further cement the state’s status as a high-tech manufacturing hub. Strong government backing, human capital, and infrastructure poise the state for ongoing leadership in India’s electronics export boom.


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