India’s Navy Seeks Cutting-Edge Technology

India’s Navy Seeks Cutting-Edge Technology

India’s Navy has crafted a plan to acquire 100 cutting-edge technologies in the next 15 years to build its war-fighting capabilities, including naval missiles and guns, propulsion and power generation, surveillance and detection systems, torpedoes and directed energy weapons, submarines and anti-submarine warfare systems, naval aviation, network-centric warfare and combat management systems, reports Defense World.

Indian Navy
Indian Navy

Rear Admiral Dinesh Tripathi, the Indian Navy’s assistant chief of naval staff for policy and plans said, “By 2027, we want 200 warships and around 600 aerial assets, hypersonic and loitering missiles, and laser weapons.

“In addition, we need to reduce import content for our sensors and weapons and need a high-range of hypersonic and loitering missiles and laser and directed energy weapons.”

The existing electronic warfare suites, including Ajanta, Ellora and Porpoise, designed to detect the presence of enemy combatants without disclosing one’s position or identity, as also the Indian Navy’s family of advanced underwater-sensors, including Advanced Panoramic Sonar Hull mounted (APSOH), Hullmounted Sonar Advanced (HUMSA) and USHUS are successful assets.

“In the future, high-definition radars, sonars, infra-red seeker and electronic warfare suites will be required,” said Birinder Singh Randhawa, retired Indian Navy vice admiral said.

“Immediately, larger-caliber guns, 127mm and anti-missile guns (Vulcan Phalanx type), extended range and guided munitions would also be required. To start with these would need to be built under license.” Randhawa said.


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