Coca Cola, PepsiCo Introduce Low Calorie Portions in India

Coca Cola, PepsiCo Introduce Low Calorie Portions in India

With Indian consumers becoming more health conscious, food manufacturers are offering portion control to keep calorie counts low. PepsiCo India has launched 150ml cans – the smallest in the domestic market. Coca-Cola offers 180ml cans across its beverages portfolio in addition to its 300ml cans.”For consumers, it means the flexibility to choose the serve size,” a Coca-Cola spokesperson said.

Per a global policy at Unilever, its Indian unit Hindustan Unilever has reduced the calories in ice-creams to ensure that at least 80% of the packaged ice-creams it sells do not have more than 250 calories per portion, reports Economic Times.”Unilever shares the public concern about the issue of obesity and related chronic diseases and the tremendous long-term challenge society is facing to deal with them,” a company spokesperson said.  Hindustan Unilever has reformulated some products and reduced the sizes of others to keep the calorie count below 250. The company now sells Magnum and Cornetto ice-creams in India in both mini portions as well as regular sizes. Ferrero has started selling its premium brand Ferrero Rocher in packs of three. Dunkin’ Donuts India, said, “We have various options at various price points and portion sizes. For example, consumers can choose a big Tough Guy burger or a smaller Crunchy Joe. At the same time, they could go for an indulgent Death by Chocolate donut or a lighter Classic Glazed donut.”

The smallest size of Pepsi
Devendra Chawla, group president, food and FMCG , at retailer Future group , which runs the Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar chains explained, “As a trend, consumers are settling for taste-led products over diet ones, though they are limiting the frequency and size of intake.”


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