Canada aligning to sell Uranium to India

Canada aligning to sell Uranium to India

Canada is working to finalize an agreement with India that will ease the export of uranium by companies such as Cameco Corp., its Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said during a visit to New Delhi this week.

The two countries signed a nuclear cooperation pact in June 2010 to enable Canada’s nuclear industry to sell materials and equipment for civilian purposes to India. Canada has asked India to ensure exports can be traced, in line with standards met by countries such as the U.S. Canada and India are negotiating an “administrative” arrangement to address such issues, Oliver told Bloomberg in a telephone interview from New Delhi.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have pledged to triple bilateral trade by 2015. If all goes well Harper will visit India again next month.

Oliver’s meeting schedule in India was hectic according to EIN. See below for some of the leaders and companies he met in order to boost Canadian exports and encourage investment

               --  Minister Veerappa Moily, Indian Minister of Power, to discuss India's
                  energy needs and how Canada is well positioned to fulfil them; 
              --  Minister Jaipal Reddy, Indian Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, to
                  advance Canadian energy objectives and increase the potential for
                  Canadian oil and liquefied natural gas exports to India; 
              --  Reliance Industries Limited, Aditya Birla Group and Tata Steel, all
                  major Indian companies that are currently investing and creating jobs in
                  the Canadian natural resource sectors; 
              --  Minister Farooq Abdullah, Indian Minister of New and Renewable Energy,
                  to promote trade and investment partnerships with India in new and
                  renewable energy projects; and 
              --  Minister of State Ashwani Kumar, Indian Minister for the Planning
                  Commission, to advance Canadian energy objectives in India and
                  opportunities to support India's priority of energy security.

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