Bharat Biotech, University of Sydney Collaborate on Novel Vaccine Development

Bharat Biotech, University of Sydney Collaborate on Novel Vaccine Development

India’s vaccine manufacturer, Bharat Biotech, announced a new collaboration with the University of Sydney Infectious Diseases Institute (Sydney ID) to advance vaccine research and development. The partnership aims to design innovative methodologies to tackle future epidemics and infectious diseases threats through strong academic-industry collaboration.

University of Sydney Quadrangle

Bharat Biotech and Sydney ID will leverage each other’s expertise to advance vaccine science and technology. Specific focus areas include fostering talent development, building partnerships, and developing improved vaccine platforms and biotherapeutics to build a healthier world.

Bharat Biotech’s chairman Krishna Ella highlighted that the collaboration reflects their commitment to enabling collaborative research and innovation to advance vaccine technologies. It will leverage Sydney ID’s research capabilities and Bharat’s industry expertise to help train young scientists and develop safer, more effective vaccines, he noted.

Similarly, Sydney ID’s Deputy Director Professor Jamie Triccas said,   “The reputational and societal impacts of developing novel vaccines to eradicate human and animal diseases that are safe, affordable, and effective cannot be overstated. Together with Bharat Biotech International Ltd, we aim to make a lasting impact on global health.”

Bharat Biotech has extensive experience developing and delivering vaccines, including COVAXIN – India’s first home-grown COVID-19 vaccine. Combined with Sydney ID’s infectious disease expertise, this collaboration has strong potential to spur innovation in combating infectious threats worldwide.


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