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How to Profit Today in Tomorrow’s Most Exciting Market

Guide to to understanding and succeeding in this emerging market, including:

  • Overview of the most promising sectors.
  • Keys to understanding important cultural differences.
  • Essential advice on sales and marketing in the region.

The book is peppered with supporting examples and interviews with top American and Indian professionals in India.

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“Required reading for anyone who wants or has business in India. Take this book with you on the plane, keep it in your brief case, and consult it often.”
— Ron Somers, President, U.S.-India Business Council

Image 1 from Movie

Images from the Movie: Doing Business Deal in India


A tall Texan from Austin, Steve is determined to close a pressing business deal immediately upon his arrival in India with his newly MBA-degreed wife Leslie. But his Indian hosts move to the beat of a different drum. When Steve trips both socially and strategically, he puts the deal in jeopardy.

Will Steve recover? Can he overcome verbal and non-verbal barriers and odd comments to his lovely wife? Can Steve get an Indian to say “yes” and mean it? Cross cultural challenges can kill a deal in India and Steve and Leslie receive a rapid education.

Watch This 15 minute DVD movie, directed by Hollywood’s Paul Maslak, and learn what it takes to succeed when doing a deal in India.

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