Jessica - Intern at Amritt

There was never a dull day in the world of Amritt during my Gap Year Internship. The range of skills I developed while working here far exceeded what I thought I was capable of, and being able to work closely with the management team gave me exclusive insight on how to approach business initiatives across a variety of different sectors. Upon reflection, there are three main aspects that I appreciated the most while working for this company: My level of responsibility and impact on the company’s success, the range of flexibility in the tasks assigned, and the exposure across all industries of business.

I was provided with a high level of responsibility within the company. Of course, that serves as a double-edged sword when it comes to the company’s successes and failures, but being given the respect and high level of duty pushed me to excel further. I was privileged to attend business conferences, where a variety of high-level executives from well-established companies agglomerated together. With every travel plan, I was sure to manage all of the logistics behind the trip, as well as communicating with the companies in order to arrange meetings with Amritt executives. Furthermore, office management and database entry were among the many other duties fulfilled within my role for the company, which expanded both my organizational and leadership skills.

With all projects assigned, time management and work ethic were definitely put to the test. The work environment was very hands-off, which meant that the level of success was contingent on my ability to perform independently, which I enjoyed greatly.

Some of the industries I was exposed to include Research & Development, Marketing, CPG, Medical Device, and Nuclear. With each sector, separate strategies were devised in order to execute the best marketing tactics to reach out to individuals within companies. Webinars, Newsletters, and Email marketing skills were also common grounds of exposure throughout my duration of work here.

The eclectic mix of work duties was overwhelming at first, but it made it all the more rewarding whenever they were accomplished. Initiative, independence, and an overall willingness to be in a constant learning environment are all necessary skills in order to succeed in the office. Working in this global business consulting firm, where the clientele was diverse, also propelled me to observe different cultural etiquette. It was a pleasure to work with such an accomplished group of individuals, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to expand my marketing knowledge, communication skills, and overall the different nuances of business culture.

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