India Business Training Seminar Testimonials

“The workshop was tailored to our specific business needs and prepared our senior team for launching and conducting business in India.”  ViewTestimonial letter – James Fuda, Director of Finance, Kongsberg Automotive 

“The session was engaging, informational, strategic, and “spot on” for our needs” ViewTestimonial letter
Meisha Sherman, Talent Management and  Learning & Development
Hewlett-Packard Company

“Tips on communicating with Indians were most useful”
Kimberley Jones, Learning & Development
Cisco Systems, Inc. 

“Excellent seminar.  Very relevant content.”
Imran Alimohammed, Regional Director
The Boeing Company 

“The informal Q&A and interaction was most valuable.  The information will be good basis for my ongoing work.”
Scott Parker, Vice President New Business  Development
Walt Disney Company 

“I enjoyed learning about the different perspectives and difficulties that other companies are facing.”
Tomo Naito, Director International Sales

“Excellent Program. The Instructor’s Indian/American Experience was most valuable.”
Therese Collins, National Director: Employee Relations

“The human issues and business culture were most valuable and will be directly relevant in further development of our Indian relationships.”
Tim Mannchen, Director of Business Development
Vision Ease Lens

“I will be applying most elements from the workshop.”
Program & Proposal Manager for India, Major Aerospace Vendor

“From the workshop, I understand how to modify communications, processes, and expectations.”
Kevin Finn, Executive Vice President

“Excellent  content, presentation and materials!”
Alice Kahathooni, Manager
Parker Aerospace

“Very good. I will recommend to colleagues”
Ray Crawford, Director, Strategic Planning
Shure, Inc

 “Excellent insight for doing  business in India.”
George Ranney, Manager
The Boeing Company

“I gained a better understanding of regional differences. I will apply the knowledge to benchmarking several companies”
William Sacherek, Manager
The Boeing Company 

“The program presented a very valuable picture of Indian history, culture, politics, business and economics.  I rate it excellent overall.”
Alexander Burkat, Principal Mechanical Engineer
Walt Disney Company

“Excellent balance between lecture and discussion.”
John Chesen, Director International Sales
Pelican Products, Inc

“The program was organized very well. I rate the workshop as excellent.”
Robert Nichols,  Senior Vice President
Tempel Steel Company

“I will apply this course by changing my communication style. Excellent course!”
Jameel Barkat, Director, Integration & Strategic Development
Curtiss-Wright Controls

“The movie was a nice addition.”
Michael Stohr, President
Milwaukee Electronics

“This course helps one get quickly acquainted with the major issues we face when doing business in this complex country.”
Alastair Upton, Managing Director

“Very relevant content. Excellent”
Glenn Alexander,  Human Resources Director
Merit Entertainment

“Most of all, I appreciated the insight about India from the instructor  about how to do business there.”
Michael Jordan, Manager
Sorenson Communications

“I will apply the aspect of relationship building in India. I can’t think of anything to improve the excellent seminar.”
Mark A Anderson, Executive Vice President
Delta Centrifugal Corp

“The notebook was terrific and we will use for future references. I most enjoyed the discussion on hiring practices, recruitment and retention.”
Jon Preston, Director of Asia Sales
Interface Solutions 

“…clearly knows the material and is great at answering questions by pulling examples from his business experience to make a point.”
Jeff Lund, Vice President, Business Development

“Outstanding workshop!  The instructor has very clear knowledge, plus real life examples”
Neal Kapale, Commodity Manager

“A real expert! Communicated his knowledge very well. Excellent workshop.”
Thomas E. Gibson, Vice President, Corporate Development
Allied Mineral Products, Inc. 

“The most valuable part for me was understanding how to build relationships with the Indian customer”
Alan Chaytor
Unico (UK) Ltd

“I appreciated the practical applications of cross-cultural communications, human resources and financing.”
Andrew Sweibel, Director of International
Bobrick Washroom Equipment 

“…personal knowledge of business with India as well as the ability to ask unlimited questions, were most valuable to me.”
Mike Blevins, Vice President, International Affairs

“To me the most valuable part of the seminar was the personal experience from Gunjan that makes the materials very relatable. His cultural information and insights on the way to conduct business are directly relevant to my job.”
Trenton Christian
Red Spot 

” …. presentation style puts you at ease, he’s very patient with our questions.”
Corporate Attendee, Director R&D

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