Outsourced Product Development

In Amritt’s experience, the sophistication and trustworthiness of outsourced product development partners can be highly variable. Many well-known vendors who claim to be qualified at product-oriented outsourcing have limited skills outside of IT and project work. Capable outsourced product development vendors are often understaffed, or unable to hire, train and retain new staff to cope with escalating demand.

If you need help with vendor evaluation, we can use our deep experience in understanding offshore engineering service suppliers and match with our assessment of your requirements.

Whether it’s Electronics City in Bangalore or Zhongguancun in Beijing, we have evaluated vendors and initiatives for our Western clients there. We have been from Pune to Pudong, Noida to Nanjing, and we will go from Gurgaon to Guangzhou for our clients. And we’ve found good outsourced product development centers in out-of-the-way places in Western China, Eastern India, in the Ukraine, sometimes even in Canada. We are guides and advisers as our clients extend distributed development, co-innovation and extended engineering to its limits.

It often makes sense to outsource sustaining engineering for an existing product. In response to client requests, we’ve also successfully enabled outsourcing original product development; we have even found capable partners who had very specific domain experience in technologies that were unfamiliar to our clients but which worked to the client’s benefit.

In other situations, it makes sense to outsource a particular function, such as unit testing, or finite element analysis, or chip verification, or clinical trials to a product development partner. We help our clients find and develop such vendors. We also help you to extend the vendor’s capabilities.

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