Going offshore does not only have to mean outsourcing. Companies such as General Electric have put up vast in-house research and development centers in emerging countries. Establishing and running an offshore facility for R&D does take a serious commitment of management bandwidth. Hundreds of companies have found that this approach gives the best combination of security and long-term financial advantage.

If you are at an early stage in this process, we can help you evaluate the specific merits and disadvantages of running your own facility versus a supplier relationship. We also consider hybrid models such as Build-Operate-and-Transfer which can mitigate risk in some circumstances. We help you determine the optimal location for such a facility and we can guide the staffing plan as you scale up.

Companies seek our guidance to determine the selection, length, and scope of any expatriate placements. We also provide advice on the placement of third-country nationals. Furthermore, we can guide you in the recruitment of the top executives in-country including finding and interviewing them and recommending a compensation package. Amritt helps in negotiating the office lease and using the right in-country service provider(s) for incorporating your development center.

If you are at a more advanced stage in your offshore R&D, we can help you structure its scope and size. We troubleshoot roadblocks to hiring or to IP generation. Amritt is renowned for its cross cultural-training workshops to improve productivity.

Amritt has a track record in improving client success with outsourced product development, and with outsourced global research, as also with our clients’ in-house offshore research and development. Contact Us to see how our Global Product Innovation Practice can help your organization.

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