Business Process Management

India accounts for 36% of the global outsourced Business Process Management (BPM) market, earlier referred to as the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market. Over 500 Indian BPM companies totaled $23 billion in exports within the past decade. Revenue for the Indian BPM sector is expected to grow to $50 billion by 2020.

BPM is considered the bridge between information technology (IT) and business because of its focus on and control over complex IT processes. The IT-BPM sector contributes 8% to the India’s GDP.

The largest BPM segment is finance and accounting, which is expected to be surpassed by analytics in 2016. The growth of the analytics category leads to increased outsourcing for BPM in retail, shipping and logistics, and consulting and professional service categories. Another leading BPM category is customer interface series. The healthcare category is growing due to American demand created or accelerated by Obamacare. Other segments in which Indian companies are prominent include help desk and incident management, change management, infrastructure management, bug and issue tracking, IT procurement and requisitions, project planning and budgeting, and IT audit and compliance. Business process as a service utilizes cloud technology to improve BPO. Mobility, social media, complex-event processing, and analytics comprise intelligent BPM, which seeks to combine traditional methods with modern data to better understand customer expectations and patterns.

Domestic & Foreign Companies
India has the world’s largest number of IT-BPM firms, more than 16,000. 80% of the IT-BPM revenue comes from 135 large and mid-sized companies.

Top domestic BPM companies and their services include:

  • Genpact Ltd. – finance and accounting, human resources, procurement, legal, media, and IT infrastructure
  • Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. – finance and accounting, customer management, analytics, human resources, procurement, IT, cloud, and engineering
  • Wipro BPO – human resources, procurement, order management, knowledge processing, finance and accounting, technical and research/analytical services, and customer relationship management
  • Infosys BPO – IT platforms, customer relationship management, finance and accounting, human resources, legal processing, sales, and procurement services
  • Aegis Ltd. – a branch of Mumbai-based Essar Group; finance and accounting, human resources, spend management, customer relationship management, and engineering
  • WNS Global Services (P) Ltd. – customer relationship management, finance and accounting, legal, procurement, analytics, risk management, and transformation services

Top foreign BPM companies and their services include:

  • Serco Global Services (U.K.) – contact center services, back office, finance and accounting, knowledge services, and counseling
  • EXL Services (New York) – collections, transaction processing, finance and accounting, customer relationship management, and legal processing
  • Convergys (Ohio) – customer service, technical support, back office, outbound, sales, collections, relationship management, analytics, service channels, home agent, and customer interaction technology
  • Accenture (Ireland) – procurement or human resources across strategy, digital, technology, and operations platforms
  • Concentrix (California) – analytics, quality assurance and analytics, computer telephony integration, CCSI, knowledge management, and collections
  • Sutherland Global Services (New York) – business transformation, knowledge services, front office, services, back office services, and technology-enabled services

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a form of BPM. It is a cost-saving technique that involves contracting business tasks to a third party. Nasscom, an Indian IT-BPM non-profit organization, is attempting to rebrand the BPO segment as BPM. BPM expands on BPO, involving the observation and rearrangement of a company’s systems. The main objective of BPM is to improve a company’s efficiency, which requires long-term evaluation and strategy. BPM also focuses on providing for consumers without relying on labor arbitrage. Unlike BPO, it is not limited to outsourcing.



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