Will Cameron score over Obama?

Will Cameron score over Obama?

The British Prime Minister David Cameron is visiting India now, at least three months before the scheduled visit of U.S. President Obama. Cameron is distinctly focused on commercial ties. Especially with his recent interest in containing expenses at home, India seems to be on the forefront for business engagement.

In my posts I generally focus on economic, political and cultural ties between India and the U.S. but the British P.M.’s visit is interesting in terms of its timing. India’s Gen Y may not associate Britain with the country’s prolific use of the English language nor its love for the ‘gentleman’s game’- cricket. While bankers and business guys cheer for the launch of a solar powered mobile handset by Vodafone in India, the $2.54 billion tax issue that the same telecom giant has had with India may pop up as a spoiler.

The country that ruled India for 200 yearss is definitely intending to ride on the prospects that new India today has for itself and other strategic partner economies.
The new terminal at the Delhi airport might be the first sign of the 21st Century India that the British PM witnesses on his return to India. I will be curious to know how the U.S. President scores over his British counterpart when he visits India in November.

Do share with me your thoughts on the opportunities in India for U.S. businesses and if the British PM’s visit would have any impact on those.


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