Executive Search in India

Clients from Europe and North America who wish to select the most qualified and capable senior executive for their India organizations turn to Amritt’s seasoned services as a retained executive search consultant. Our boutique head hunting service is personalized and customized to the unique needs of your company and its current state of engagement with India.

Amritt’s deep and wide network of candidate contacts and relationships across India includes C-Suite relationships and functional or SBU heads (Vice Presidents and Directors)  in Engineering, Research & Development, Marketing, Distribution, Sales, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Manufacturing (discrete and process), Information Technology, Project and Program Management and much more. Sourcing high caliber candidates is almost never a challenge for us. Among executive recruiters in India, we are uniquely focused on the needs of overseas or Global 2000 clients.  This makes us stand out among both clients and candidates  when head hunting.

In addition to our executive search team members, Amritt has seasoned industry experts in Consumer Products (“FMCG” or “CPG”), Industrial Products, Medical Devices, Defense, Consulting Services, Energy and Power (including nuclear/atomic power, Chemicals & Plastics, Semiconductors, Telecommunications,Engineering, Construction,  Infrastructure and many other  sectors. Our senior domain experts are located in Mumbai (Bombay), New Delhi and  Bangalore and with our pan-India reach, we can readily meet with candidates located anywhere in India. Our candidate or applicant tracking system depends on human interaction as much as on technology and data.

We take the time to understand the DNA of your company, its key goals in India and the projected career path of a successful executive hire in India. Since we look to place candidates that can grow with your organization, it is important that we understand the uniqueness of your Western organization and brand and how it might translate into India’s ethos.

A successful search engagement can take a few weeks to a few months and typically kicks off with the payment of a small advance based on the expected compensation of the executive (their “Cost to Company” or CTC). Further payments are based on milestone-based deliverables.

For companies whose presence in India is expected to be small to start with, we offer the ability to put your India staff on our payroll for 1-3 years, so that regulatory filings and other issues can be postponed while you establish your organization in India.


Key Issues

Here is an outline of our service, once you engage us:

Phase 1

Starting from your internal documentation and based on conversations with your team, we prepare a summary capturing the requisite experience profile, functional expertise and managerial competencies required.  We apply our knowledge of India to identify the search domain and target companies for potential candidates.  With your help we prepare a summary of the pitch to potential candidates; this is crucial for awakening passive candidates.

Phase 2

Our researchers utilize our sources, professional networks and databases. If needed, we are able to focus on transnational candidates, something traditional headhunters serving India cannot offer:

  • Residents of North America or Europe who have previous experience with India, regardless of national or ethnic origin
  • Global citizens working in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, London or elsewhere but with strong India credentials
  • Candidates in India who have the ability to communicate well with Western counterparts, either because of time spent overseas or prior work experience with multinational companies
  • Candidates of Indian origin, living overseas (“NRIs and “PIOs”)
  • Candidates with the desire to work in India due to family, religious, spiritual or other considerations, provided they have the mindset to succeed in today’s India.

We contact, meet and pre-assess potential candidates through telephone, video conferences, or in-person interviews. During these dialogs, we attempt to understand aspirations, motivation for job change as well as their ultimate career goals.

In cases where you will need to travel to India to meet candidates or have them fly to you, we can also assign Amritt industry advisors to conduct in depth technical or managerial interviews to further narrow the shortlist. Sometimes it helps to have an Amritt team member present with the candidate on a remote video interview prior to you meeting them in person.

Phase 3

We conduct detailed references on the candidate(s) whom you wish to hire. If required, we conduct a background check via third parties in India with local expertise.

We assist our clients in structuring a compensation package and guide them through creating a suitable employment offer. Many of the best candidates in India need further final assurances from us about some of their concerns in working for a foreign company that they may be hesitant to share with you. We serve as a trusted bridge to assure that your offer is accepted and that mutual expectations are realistic.

Phase 4

Once the position is filled, we continue to be available to both you the client and your new hire to help smooth any bumps along the road. Some of our candidates and clients have stayed in touch for 5-7 years after our engagement.


Globinar “Understanding and Unlocking New Business Opportunities in India”


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