India Talent Acquisition

A key success indicator for foreign companies and organizations in India is their ability to attract, recruit, retain and reward executive talent. Drawing upon Amritt’s deep roots in helping multinational companies (MNCs), to grow their R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales presence in India, we offer three targeted services intended for global entrants to India, from venture-funded start ups, to portfolio companies of private equity investors,  to Fortune 500 companies and conglomerates from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

We are best suited to help you with CxO,  Country Lead, Vice President and Director level roles in India, assuming you are a foreign company in India or with an intent to enter  or expand in India. We can also help with Board of Directors and Board of Advisers roles specific to India. Sometimes the person handling India may have a broader role to include the subcontinent of South Asia or even the ASEAN countries or parts of the Middle East such as Dubai. A few Indian-origin executives or expats located in India  are suitable for a pan-Asian role including China and Japan, although this is not so  common yet. Unlike general purpose recruiters, our boutique services are tailored to the needs of foreign companies who have unique needs and challenges in India.For this reason, our talent acquisition process for our clients  does not depend on recruiting software or subscription databases and our expatriation process is not a cookie cutter approach dependent solely on personality tests.

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