An Affordable, Quality Dentistry Venture in India

An Affordable, Quality Dentistry Venture in India

Mydentist’s chain of clinics in six cities across the western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra promise affordable dental care to all people looking for dental services. This chain of clinics was started by Vikram Vora who began his career as a medical representative and his younger brother Parth Vora, a management graduate. Seedfund Advisors invested $2.8 million and Asia Healthcare Fund invested $7.4 million  in this venture.

Pravin Gandhi of Seedfund Advisors said, “The idea was to make it [dentistry] affordable, and at the same time, not compromise on the quality of service. The whole notion of dentistry is not well-known in India. We felt that because the proposed model was capital efficient, more clinics could be rolled out. It could take dentistry to the people.”

Clinics have been set up close to residential areas. Affordable payment mechanisms, either through credit cards or monthly installments, are made available to patients. To help with the fear factor, 95 per cent of mydentist’s 400-strong workforce is female, reports Man’s World, India. Additionally, because each clinic is linked to a cloud-based computer system, a patient can start a treatment at one clinic, say near his/her office, and continue it at any other clinic near their home for the following  visit, since all records are available online. And since clinics are open  every day of the week from 9 am – 9 pm walk-ins are accepted along with people that have prior appointments. 

According to Gandhi, the brothers plan to roll out clinics in another 30 cities in Maharashtra and Gujarat in the coming years.


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