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Industrial Research Institute  2012 Annual Global Meeting. Indian Wells, California

“Managing Global Innovation in the Midst of Corporate Transformation”

Seminar by Amritt and Client Executive on Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 10:30 AM to 11: 15 AM PST


Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), Southern California Chapter

Talk on “Designing Innovative Products for Emerging Markets such as China and India”

Speaker, Gunjan Bagla of Amritt

Tuesday May 15th in Irvine, California, 7:00 PM

Global R&D Webinars

Amritt experts recently offered webinars to help orient you to succeed in India. Listen to our following recorded R&D webinars:

New: Product Development for Emerging Markets

Outsourcing R&D services to India

Setting up a captive R&D center in India

Investigating and undertaking R&D collaborations in India

Product Development in Emerging Markets

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Amritt is a management consulting firm advising North American and European companies how to increase revenues and reduce costs by leveraging the economies of Asia, specifically China and India. Amritt has worked with many well-known companies, including

Reckitt Benckiser • Woodward Governor • Agilent Technologies • Structural Integrity • Westinghouse Electric Co. • Paramount Farms • Danfoss • Covidien • Clorox • Vivendi • Midway • Kraft • Roche • Gojo • MEI

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Doing Business in 21st Century India

Doing Business in 21st Century India

Amritt Global R&D expert Gunjan Bagla has created a book and DVD containing everything you need to know for your business to thrive in India.

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Learjet maker leverages 450 engineers across India

Jean Seguin -- Vice President_Bombardier Aerospace The third largest maker of commercial aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace based in Montreal, Canada, has officially opened its engineering service center in Bangalore with about 20 people.

It is expected to grow to 50 aerospace engineers by the end of 2013. The engineers here will focus on structure design, advanced stress analysis and project management services, according to Jean Seguin, vice-president of quality, engineering and manufacturing.

The company sells Learjet, Challenger and Global business jets, CRJ700 regional jets and Q400 NextGen turboprops into the Asian markets and specifically into India.

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Ciena CEO says largest R&D center outside North America is in India

Gary B Smith -- CEO-Ciena In an interview with a leading technology media company in India, Gary B. Smith, CEO of Ciena, Inc of Linthicum, Maryland, talked about the three megatrends in his industry. “First is mobility and it is not mobile phone only, but proliferation of all kinds of devices. Second is the phenomenon of virtualization and third is M2M (mobile to mobile) which is nascent in nature and is outside the area of mobile phone.  Looking at the India opportunity for the last seven years, Ciena is a great fit. The value positioning specifically in terms of growth of network architecture, inflexion point, and regulatory challenges opens up new opportunities in terms of network modernization.”

Smith said that his company employs over 500 in Gurgaon, India and is looking to expand its center of excellence of software engineering and its global competency center. “With more and more network architecture being software based, we see India as a key growth market for Ciena and we will continue to expand our India competency center. The India center is also our largest R&D center outside of North America,” according to Smith.

Ciena India focuses on an integrated network management and an integrated control plane. In terms of number of patents, it is the largest center outside of North America. Smith went on, “Our focus is also on convergence of portfolios be it high-capacity transport, 3rd-generation-pioneered OTN, and pioneered control panel. All these technologies are pertinent to India.”

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Cloud company bases primary product development in India

Vinodh Kumar, Director of Engineering, BloomReachMountain View, California based BloomReach, a provider of cloud marketing platforms, opened an R&D center in Bangalore, India led by Vinodh Kumar, Director of Engineering. Kumar, who formerly served as the technical leader of a number of products at Google, including Google News, Google Apps Marketplace and Google India Music Search said, “India-based operations are often support centers, but BloomReach’s expansion into the region is wholly focused on developing the complex solutions that help close the gap between Web businesses and consumers on the web.  We will develop new products relevant for the Web, here in Bangalore.”

“We are pleased to announce the global expansion of our company. Our presence in India will provide a great impetus to our research and development efforts,” said Ashutosh Garg, CTO and co-founder of BloomReach.

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PepsiCo Leans to China in Asian R&D

Indra Nooyi PepsiCo announced plans in 2010 to invest $2.5 billion in its China business over the next few years. PepsiCo also plans to open its largest research and development center in Asia and a pilot plant in Shanghai later this year.

It will employ over 100 scientists and will work toward developing new food and beverage products for both China and the rest of Asia, said Tim Minges, chairman of PepsiCo Investment (China) Ltd and of Pepsi’s Greater China efforts.

Innovation will help it bring such goods to market faster, he said. "Today, if we have a sample, we have to send it to Chicago," he said. "And they send the sample and we test it. In the future, we can make and test the food downstairs."

Both China and India rank among the top five countries for PepsiCo globally in their potential for growth, according to Indra Nooyi, the India-born CEO of the New York based beverage and snack food giant, speaking to China Daily at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2012.

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Wal-Mart expands India Development Center with 100 more hires

Wal-Mart India Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. announced that its @WalmartLabs operation is expanding in Bangalore with the hiring of 100 additional developers and a move into a new facility. 

Wal-Mart plans to create a next-generation e-commerce platform designed to connect Walmart’s digital and physical properties worldwide giving customers and suppliers a seamless way to interact and shop across any device or store anywhere in the world.  "In the past few months, @WalmartLabs India has attracted best-of-class talent into the group", Jeremy King, Senior Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer of Wal-Mart Global e-Commerce, told a press conference.

California-based @WalmartLabs, a unit of Walmart Global e-Commerce, is the company’s hub for creating platforms and products around social and mobile commerce. They design software to help customers discover research and shop for products through mobile devices, online or at physical stores.  Over the last five months, @WalmartLabs, has been building its India operations with a focus on social and digital technology. The company is looking to recruit engineering talent in the areas of high scale computing, network infrastructure, systems administration and big data.

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