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Four Ways for Med-Tech Companies to Win in Emerging Markets

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Med Device Online

Massive Insurance Plan In India Will Open New Markets For Medical Devices

Today, India’s government spends less than two percent of its GDP on healthcare. Millions of poor Indians die prematurely, and hundreds of millions suffer devastating loss of income due to illnesses or injury. But now, flush with rising tax revenues, India’s federal government recently announced a plan to offer free medical insurance to over 500 million of its poorest citizens.

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Opportunities in India: Strategies For Medtech Success

Since 2002, American companies have lobbied for clearer oversight of medical device sales and manufacturing in India. As of January 2018, they will have their wish. Under a mandate to improve patient safety while improving the ease of doing business, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Ministry of Health published a 108-page notification covering the regulation of the manufacture, sale, and possible recall of virtually all kinds of medical devices, whether imported or domestic.


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India Medical Device Market

4 Reasons Why Medical Device Makers Should Pay Close Attention To India

As American medical device companies look overseas for new opportunities, they see exports languishing in Russia due to political risks and Brazil’s economy slowing.

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The Medical Device Business in India

What are the Growth Factors Driving the Medical Device Business in India. As with many other things, India is a study in stark contrasts when it comes to the healthcare industry.

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Making a Splash in India CPG Market

In the past, multinational consumer products companies have often considered the Indian market as too unfamiliar, too competitive and too remote. This view is no longer justified for any large, mid-sized or growing American company.

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The Top 10 Pitfalls of Offshore Outsourcing

Amritt Sourcing Whitepaper on The Top 10 Pitfalls of  Offshore Outsourcing and how how to avoid it.

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Expanding into India personal care market

India personal care market grew at 13% in 2010. By 2025, India will become the 5th largest consumer market in the world. India’s CPG market will grow to $33.4 billion by 2015.

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Succeeding in India consumer packaged goods market

By 2025, India will become the 5th largest consumer market in the world. India Consumer Packaged Goods Market will grow to $33.4 billion by 2015.  Amritt’s GO-TO-MARKET services help develop and execute road maps to launch your presence in India.

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India Nuclear Market NEI Magazine Whitepaper

Rather than standardize on just one reactor platform, the Indian approach is to invite a wide range of nuclear participants from overseas to supplement its indigenous development of heavy water and fast breeder platforms.

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