Vin Diesel Paired with India's Deepika Padukone

Vin Diesel Paired with India's Deepika Padukone

Americans have been enchanted by India’s Priyanka Chopra on the ABC  Television prime time hit, Quantico.  Soon an Indian  female will hit the big screens of Hollywood.

Ahead of the 17th International Indian Film Awards held in Madrid, Spain this year, Bollywood super-star Deepika Padukone disclosed in an interview with The Hindu that this year she would not act in any Indian production but would focus on her Hollywood debut xXx: The Return of Xander Cage slated for release in the summer of 2017. Padukone, who has been shooting for the film in Toronto, Canada since February, plays the fiery hunter Serena Unger alongside Vin Diesel as the protagonist.

Deepika Padukone and Vin Diesel

“For me I do not treat a film as coming from Hollywood or Bollywood. It’s the script I read first. I need to know if I will love doing it and it’s only after that I take up roles. I will take up roles when they excite me or when I am ready. This experience is special for me and I am very excited about it,” Padukone said during the interview.

Personally however, there were many firsts shooting in the west. Staying by herself in an apartment, cooking meals and doing her laundry, Padukone loved each part of this. From taking her candles and photo frames to cooking meals be it rasam or sambar she enjoyed it all, she added.


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