Tiger Wood Scandal and India

Tiger Wood Scandal and India

What connection could there be between the Tiger Wood scandal and India, you ask. Well, Indians have a sense of history and while Tiger is married to Elin Nordegren, one of Sweden’s most stunning women of today, there is a India angle about the most famous Swede blonde ever and how she was spurned in India.

I speak of course about actress Ingrid Bergman, known as the star of  Casablanca and many other blockbusters. She was married to Italian director Robert Rosellini when the couple was invited by India’s Prime Minister, JawaharLal Nehru to make a documentary about India.  The trip was going to disappoint Ingrid since her Italian husband met  27 year old starlet Sonali Das Gupta (who was then married to Indian producer Hari Das Gupta and had two children). Rosellini and Das Gupta fell in love as reported in Time magazine in May 1957.  They eloped and married and she became an Italian citizen, leaving superstar Ingrid Bergman scorned.  Here is an interesting snippet from a 1999India  story about what happened to Sonali.   One of her sons by Hari moved with her to Italy and took up the Rosellini name and eventually made movies himself as Gil Rosellini.

And the Indian press still remembers some of this, in fact here is a curious story about the Tiger scandal, that you might chuckle about.


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