The Blessings from the Indian Monsoon

The Blessings from the Indian Monsoon

For people living in India, the subject of monsoons dominates daily conversation. It has definitive impact upon the lives of many urban dwellers suffering a long spell of almost intolerable heat but rural Indian depend on the seasonal rains for their very livelihood. Each year as the monsoon season approaches in June, heightened anticipation and conversation also arrive among the country’s population.

This natural obsession with monsoons is reflected in every aspect of Indian life – religion, music, literature, entertainment, politics and even tourism. Everything from planning schedules for movie and television productions to the staging of annual festivals rejoicing in the blessings brought are influenced by the rainy season.

Normal rainfall stabilizes growth and encourages development. India agriculture accounts for 17 to 20 percent of the GDP and is dependent upon rain. When the nation does well in the agricultural sector, it also helps remove export bans on different commodities while reducing dependence on imports.

What this translates to western investors is monsoon rains also have productively positive impacts when it comes to the stock market. Plentiful monsoon rains aid hydroelectric power industries that help improve the overall availability

Monsoons act much like the bloodline for India economy, business and culture. So remember, a rainy day in India is not a sad day!


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