Star Alliance CEO Bullish on India (and Brazil)

Star Alliance CEO Bullish on India (and Brazil)

On the 20th anniversary of Germany-based Star Alliance, a network of 28 global airlines, its CEO Jeffrey Goh met global media where he responded to queries on the Alliance’s current and future plans.

CEO Jeffrey Goh on the left
CEO Jeffrey Goh on the left

Lightly edited excerpts from the press conference as reported by BusinessLine:

On instituting common standards of customer service

Goh: There are certain operational matters that remain the prerogative of our members. Standardized service levels are not easy to achieve because our members are of different sizes, different cultural  backgrounds and different business models.

On choosing more than one partner from India to join the Alliance

Goh: We are constantly on the lookout. India and Brazil are big and fast growing markets. We are constantly assessing to see whether one or two or even a third member will meet our purposes. Launched in December 2015 the Connecting Partner Model allows airlines operated by “low-cost,” and “hybrid” or local and regional airlines, to be able to connect to the Alliance network.

On whether Star Alliance will look at advocacy on issues concerning the industry

Goh: If it is an industry issue we think that the better people to advocate it will be the International Air Transport Association or the International Civil Aviation Organization.

On Star Alliance targeting 20-year-olds by shifting the focus to a digital experience

Goh: As a business we have to adapt. If we continuously focus on the high value international travelers…you know your grey suits and the 45- and 55-year-olds then we are missing a very important segment of the market that is coming through.


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