Specialized Shopping Malls in India

Specialized Shopping Malls in India

The first indoor (enclosed and air conditioned) shopping mall in India, Ansal Plaza New Delhi, opened in 1999 and since then approximately 250 other such malls have sprung up across the country.

Compared to United States, an interesting thread is the development of specialized malls. In Vasant Kunj, New Delhi there are three malls next to each other, one more upscale than the next.

There are also malls specialized by the kinds of goods they call. For example, Gold Souk in Gurgaon (near New Delhi) is a 180,000 sq.ft. shopping center with  11 international brands of jewellery, watches, and pens, more than 30 national jewellery retail brands almost as many regional small jewellers. Similar Gold Souks have opened or are under construction in Ludhiana (Punjab), Kochi (Kerala) and Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and perhaps Indore (Madhy Pradesh).

Another themed shopping centre is The Great Adventure Mall in Greater Noida (also near New Delhi)located right next to an office space that I am buying. It is supposedly  1.1 million sq.ft and will comprise  reverse bungee  jumping, zipline,zero-gravity tunnels, hot air balloons (!), archery, a shooting range, paintball, dirt biking, 4×4 driving, paragliding, rappelling and ice skating.

What this means

I understand the need for jewelry malls, given the focus on wedding-related consumer spending. This is uniquely Indian. I also understand the need for luxury malls, in a high class-conscious Indian society. But I am not so sure about adventure malls, specially at that scope.


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