Schwarzkopf’s Color Caravan Tours India

Schwarzkopf’s Color Caravan Tours India

Schwarzkopf, the hair care brand owned by Henkel, a German multinational, has embarked on a  marketing initiative  that they call the “Color Caravan.” This traveling activation aims to encourage consumers across India to try out Schwarzkopf’s extensive range of hair color products. The Color Caravan will visit various cities throughout the country, kicking off its journey in the capital city of New Delhi.

The primary focus of this on-ground activation is to promote Schwarzkopf’s Color Specialist and Simply Color brands. Skilled hair beauty advisors from the brand will be present to demonstrate various at-home hair coloring techniques, providing consumers with valuable insights and guidance on how to achieve their desired hair color effectively.

According to reports, the Color Caravan‘s stop in Delhi is expected to attract around 1,000 participants, showcasing the significant interest and curiosity among consumers.

Shama Dalal, the Head of Marketing at Henkel Consumer Brands, emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating that Schwarzkopf recognizes the dynamic preferences of its consumers and understands the need for a personalized approach. The Color Caravan activity is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, providing a mobile and interactive platform for consumers to experience Schwarzkopf’s hair color products up close. This strategy aims to build a stronger connection with the target audience and foster brand loyalty.


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