Professional Hiring in Engineering, R&D and IT continues at rapid clip in India

Professional Hiring in Engineering, R&D and IT continues at rapid clip in India

The focus for captive R&D centers in India has gone up this year and expected to grow between 12-20 per cent in 2012 depending on the source of the estimate.

The country is an emerging destination for automotive R&D;  Renault- Nissan, Suzuki and , Honda have recently set up their engineering centers in India.   In R&D hiring, pharma and defence are the better -paying sectors.  R&D is witnessing large investments not only from foreign companies operating in India but but also from domestic players.  In domestic companies, pharma and automobile have realized that in their ambition to globalize their operations, they have no recourse but to spend on R&D, according to a report in Silicon India.

Meantime, India’s largest information technology (IT) services provider, said it had so far made campus offers to 43,600 engineering freshers for 2012-13, higher than the 37,800 offers made this year. The Business Standard said these numbers represented the offers made to only engineering students at Indian campuses and the final hiring target for 2012-13 would be announced by the end of March. The target will include hiring from foreign campuses and lateral (experienced) offers. The ratio of campus hiring to experienced staff was 70:30 in the  previous quarter.  In FY 2012 TCS will end up hiring around 66,000 employees.

What this means

Career prospects for young professionals look disproportionately bright. If I was an HR professional anywhere in the world, I would want to look at working in India, the experience of hiring more than 10,000 professional people in a year is not something that many companies can offer. In India there are over a dozen company hiring over 10,000 a year. These include TCS, Wipro, Infosys and some other large service providers but also in my estimation western entities such as IBM, Accenture, perhaps Oracle/SAP/HP.


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