Pepsico To Set Up a New Manufacturing Plant in India

Pepsico To Set Up a New Manufacturing Plant in India

PepsiCo  announced that it would set up a new manufacturing plant in India’s eastern state of Assam, with an investment of  $12 million . Spread over 44.2 acres, the facility will be launched in 2025 and provide employment to 500 people.

The company will source 50,000 tons of potatoes from the state to facilitate production of its Lay’s brand of potato chips. It will also provide cold storage capacity of 60,000 tons over the next few years, it said.

Photo Credit: Pepsico India

“India is among the fastest growing markets for PepsiCo in the Africa, Middle East and South Asia region,” said Eugene Willemsen, chief executive officer of PepsiCo for this geographical region. “This decade is India’s and at PepsiCo, we are focused on building capabilities, availability, and expanding penetration across the nation,” he added.

PepsiCo India signed a pact with the Assam Skill Development Mission and directorate of employment and craftsman training, to foster women’s empowerment.

The plant plans to employ diverse talent, and at least 75 percent of women employees. The company also intends to set up its first community learning center to upskill women over the next two years.

Ahmed ElSheikh, president, PepsiCo India, said, “Our investment in the greenfield facility in Assam stands as a significant milestone, and is aligned with India’s vision of self-reliance.”


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