Oral care market sees segmentation and new products

Oral care market sees segmentation and new products

Colgate Palmolive India’s  Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste was the latest launch in a series of actions over the last couple of years in India’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market, particularly in the fast growing personal care segment.  While the company leads the market in oral care in India, Koushik Gupta, general manager, marketing, over-the-counter and oral healthcare, GSK Consumer Healthcare,  said that his  firm notched up a share of 10 per cent within the first four months of the launch of Sensodyne. “We are now the number three player in the segment.” claimed Gupta. Sensodent from Warren Pharmaceuticals is the number two with a share of 14.8 per cent  just behind Colgate’s 15.4 percent, per Nielsen reports.

According to the Business Standard, the mouthwash segment is growing at  of 35 per cent year. In the last few months, Colgate has launched two variants under the Plax brand to take on Johnson & Johnson’s Listerine, the market leader in the segment.

What this means:

India’s rising consumer class is ready for greater and greater variety and differentiation of products and needs as incomes rise and media consumption continues to increase. Foreign companies continue to gain but local players remain strong. There is room for more growth and new entrants in India’s CPG market today.


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