"not India", in a Hillary Clinton interview

"not India", in a Hillary Clinton interview

The United States if often (justly) criticized for viewing India in  hyphenated way with Pakistan. Certainly this view has been prevalent since the days of President Richard Nixon and his formerly India-hating adviser Dr. Henry Kissinger (who famously referred the India’s Prime Minister as “an old witch” and used even more colorful language for Indians in general).  Respect for India arrived  two years after it conducted a nuclear test in May 1998:  President Bill Clinton visited the country in March 2000 (but also made it a point to stop in Bangla Desh and Pakistan on the same trip).  His successor George W. Bush continued the path of India friendliness.

But in President Obama, we saw a willingness to understand Indian sensitivities. He referred to the  religious diversity of India: Hindus, Muslims, Sikh, even Jains.  He spoke about enjoying Dal with his Indian roommates at Occidental College. And Time magazine reported that he carries a charm of the Hindu monkey-god Hanuman.

Obama’s administration has been willing to separate India from Pakistan. Richard Holbrooke’s charter includes ” Af-Pak”  but not India.  Secretary Hillary Clinton visited Mumbai and Delhi in July but did not make a stop in Islamabad on the same trip.

Just as important is what is not being said. When she granted an interview with Al Jazeera English’s Riz Khan, the word Pakistan or Pakistani came up nineteen times.  But she did not even mention India once. The India Expert says this is a good thing and a sign of maturity in India-US relations.


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