McKinsey CEO and USIBC President Both Upbeat on India

McKinsey CEO and USIBC President Both Upbeat on India

The world’s most renowned consulting firm has large operations in India and their CEO, Dominic Barton was in Mumbai this week. Here is an excerpt from his interview with the The Economic Times.

Dominic Barton

Do you get a sense from the American business community, that it is time to bet on India again?

Yes, I do. I see it in pharmaceuticals, industrial companies and pension funds. If you look at the trends that are going on in the world, India is right at the center; like ag-food is going to be one of the biggest businesses in the world right here, healthcare boom, education boom, advanced analytics.

The paper goes to say, with the world economy on a wobbly footing again – Japan receding into recession, a stalled Europe and China slowing down – India could find itself in a sweet spot providing stability and balance to the world economy.

Diane Farrell, US-India Business Council, Acting President
Diane Farrell, US-India Business Council

During the same week, the organization of the largest American companies doing business in India, the U.S. India Business Council, sent its Acting President Diane Farrell to New Delhi. She told  NDTV in a video interview that member companies  expect to invest $40 billion into India by 2017 if things goes well. Here is a video interview of Farrell.



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